Lucy M Walker, MBPsS, PG Cert CBT (Oxon.)

Dependence syndrome has been defined in the 'International statistical classification of diseases and related health problems' (10th revision; ICD-10) as :-

a 'cluster of behavioural, cognitive, and physiological phenomena that develop after repeated substance use and that typically include 
  • a strong desire to take the drug, 
  • difficulties in controlling its use, 
  • persisting in its use despite harmful consequences, 
  • a higher priority given to drug use than to other activities and obligations,
  • increased tolerance,
  • and sometimes a physical withdrawal state.' 

Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

What is it ?

Motivational interviewing is a technique used to identify your motivations surrounding your substance use.

Many people use lots of ways to cope with emotional and physical pain - that could be over the counter painkillers, alcohol and prescription and/or illegal drugs.

Or you could just like / prefer the way drugs and alcohol make you feel when you take them.

By examining your motivation regarding your use, we will discover the barriers to increasing your self-reliance without the use of substances.

I do not beleive in imposing treatment goals on anyone, therefore a harm-minimisation approach is adopted as the goal of treatment - you decide whether you wish to cease using drugs and alcohol or if you merely wish to reduce some of the harm associated, or just consumption in general.  YOU DECIDE

Drug and alcohol testing will be provided by breathlyzer and urinalysis.  The results of which are not communicated to ANYONE - they are for own use within your treatment only.

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